Mike Tshimanga

UI Designer

So, I’m Mike Tshimanga, a self-taught designer with a passion for creating user interfaces that go beyond aesthetics and truly impact people’s lives. Hailing from the vibrant city of Kinshasa in the DRC and currently residing in the scenic Cape Town, South Africa. I find inspiration in the diversity and beauty of my origin, and I’m drawn to the harmony of minimalistic design. A style that elegantly speaks volumes with its simplicity.

Outside of the design realm, you’ll often find me on the ultimate field, chasing a flying disc. Music is another profound passion of mine. Even though I can’t sing or play an instrument, I’m a true music lover at heart. The rhythm of African beats or the melodies of global tunes certainly resonates with me.

And above all, my minimalistic design ethos mirrors my preference for simplicity and purpose, both in my creative work and in the way I approach life.