About me

Hey, I’m Mike Tshimanga. A self-taught user interface designer based in Cape Town, South Africa. I find my inspiration in things that are authentically African. As a UI designer, creating user interfaces that help the end-user with their pain points is what I’m all about.

I like working closely with my clients to help them serve their users. I believe if you serve your users/audience, your business will grow as a result.

The Affix

About work

I began freelancing in 2017, and since 2019 I have been freelancing as a user interface designer. Before 2019, I worked as a 3D artist, logo designer, and WordPress web developer.

What matters to me


Do not take advantage of other people’s kindness or generosity.


Look for work or clients that push you out of your comfort zone.


Build professional relationships with those you get to work with.


Be humble in speech and conduct. Speak less, and listen more.

“My skills are tools meant to help others achieve their goals. If my design skills don’t help anyone, they’ll cease to be of any value.”

Mike Tshimaga